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We are at a tipping point in terms of Climate Change and the increasing danger of Nuclear War, while severe poverty and hunger with the lack of basic amenities troubles two-fifths of the World's population. We live on a planet with finite resources, and we cannot rely on infinite growth to solve our problems. It is now time for Humanity, as a whole, to take a stand and speak out on an ongoing basis to ask our leaders to truly represent the requirements and needs of all of us, not just the financial and corporate elite. 


The COVID lockdown has created more harm, dissociation, alienation, chronic illness, and more mental illness than the COVID pandemic itself. 


 COVID-19 has had a catastrophic impact on the Global economy and the livelihoods of about a quarter of the World's population, who are at or below the level of vulnerability and precariousness. Without even occasional work to make some money to buy food, these people are doomed to die from disease, famine, or sheer neglect. Their disappearance will be unnoticed. They are the non-people.



Yale University Prevention Research Centre, Dr David Katz, says:


"I am deeply concerned that the social, economic, and public health consequences of this near-total meltdown of everyday life — schools and businesses closed, gatherings banned 


We need to awaken people to the great and utter harm that a fourth industrial revolution can create on individuals and groups of people. We need to realize that digitalization and electronic connectivity and globalization can create more fragmentation in societies 

Image by Gary Butterfield


Environment and Resources

In the developing World, a billion people live below the hunger line. Virtually all these people are illiterate. Environmental phenomena such as the greenhouse effect, climate change, ozone depletion, and acid rain are intricately interconnected. Technology developed in the name of progress, and high resource and energy consumption by the developed World, is at the root of the destruction of the environment.

We ,the ordinary people, can no longer accept the status quo

National cultural and belief systems continually divide us, and yet we live in a world connected as never before by media and transport

Let us give all people respect rather than the ones who own and control the wealth and power—2% --5% 0f the world population own most of Global wealth

Half of the World exist in poverty

There is Increasing inequity between the wealthy and power brokers and us - you and me!

The most significant economic drivers are/the military-industrial complex and Big Pharma.

With just half of the World living above the poverty indicator, capitalism's endless need for resources is driving us over the cliff edge of climate change and environmental collapse.

Economics is not an infinite science, and yet it presumes we have infinite resources.

Hands Holding Wooden Plate


The practical aim of the Great Reset is to fundamentally restructure the World's economy and geopolitical relations based on the assumption that every element of nature and every life form is a part of the global inventory (managed by the allegedly benevolent state, which, in turn, is owned by several allegedly generous wealthy people, via technology) –

We should not allow new technology to disrupt jobs, control global society through profound social change, which threatens the very definition of what it is to be human. 

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters


The Earth is becoming uninhabitable amid raging wildfires, severe hurricanes and floods, record droughts and rising sea levels that have already submerged islands. The climate crisis is claiming human lives, and the body count will grow.

In order to deal with climate change, we need to deal with the problems caused by the massive and growing carbon footprint by the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sector and the roll-out of 5G (the fifth generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks), adding additional layers of threats to biodiversity and all living life forms, including human, 

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No threat is more significant, no crisis more profound to common Humanity than the threat of nuclear War. There are between 20 to 30,000 nuclear warheads in the World today - enough to destroy sixty times Earth's population. Fifteen to twenty developing countries will have nuclear capability by the end of this decade.

A fraction of arms race spending, about several hundred billion annually, could supply sanitation and clean water to all the deprived peoples of the World and prevent widespread diseases and provide schooling and medicine.



The global crisis is symptomatic of the inadequacies of our social values. Ethical and moral value systems have not evolved swiftly enough to keep up with technological inventiveness, thereby keeping rampant greed in check. As a result, we are living through a crisis of international relationships in which only a profound social epiphany, leading to a paradigmatic shift unlike any other in history, can save us from total self-destruction.

We are losing our humanness and our knowledge of the humanities. There is a culture on the planet now that seeks to destroy historical artifacts called the cancel culture, which expresses differences between peoples rather than seeing what they have in common 

We need to be aware of our background, our history, where we come from, , the nature of reality, and where we are going. 

Mother and Daughter Love


. Change in consciousness can create change in thought. Change in thinking can create change in society and the environment

This spiritual core of enlightenment is within the heart and mind of every human being and is where the entire universe dwells in an enfolded manner. 

Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness, nothing will change for the better in the sphere of our being as humans. The catastrophe toward which this World is headed -be it ecological, social, and demographic or a general breakdown of Civilization - will be unavoidable

( Vaclav Havel's address to the US Congress, 21 February 1990).


Being loved is about being seen and being able to express yourself in a situation where you can be heard.

We are at a unique juncture in human history because we now have knowledge of the fourteen billion years of cosmological evolution that brought us to this point. This knowledge carries with it a responsibility that we never before imagined. The human being is that space in which the comprehensive compassion that pervades the universe from the very beginning now begins to surface within consciousness. . We didn't invent compassion, but it's flowing through us—or it could (Brian Swimme)

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