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We need to work towards a world where:

We have a sustainable civilization base, i.e., a steady-state co-relationship with planetary resources at global, regional and local level using only resource and energy "income".

We have a civilisation that guards species diversity and populations, putting back what we take out, not altering Eco cycles such as soil, climate, etc.a

We have a flexible, diverse civilization base i.e., allowing change and growth without conflict responsive to innovation and diverse enough to be resilient. 

Are these targets so interdependent that we can only achieve all, or none? Or are any achievable per se?

We have a "flowering" civilization base with quality of life, Personal freedoms, and opportunities, Spiritual balance, and growth

We have a peaceable civilization base i.e., without War, without structural violence, and inequities and with a positive search for peaceful relations


Before we can even begin to achieve this we must:

Stop the nuclear arms race and achieve nuclear disarmament before we destroy ourselves.

Attend to structural inequities in Global society which lead to War and environmental loss.

Begin the spiritual and moral evolution necessary to build our future: learning to be, not have (Fromm).

Divert military spending and science into peaceful development – there is nowhere else we can get resources from to pay for our future.

Accept the limitations which planetary ecology places on human systems.

We create our own reality---Although we have finite resources, we have infinite minds.
"Our task must be to free ourselves from our prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all Humanity and the whole of nature in its beauty." (Albert Einstein)
Creative Work

A Planetary Culture implies science, technology, healing relationships, economics, government and education seen from the broadest perspective – not nation-based, but global and holistically based, stimulating new ways of thinking to enhance our connectedness with each other.


A planetary culture is beyond isms and ideologies recognizing the sacredness of all life. It implies the creation of new art, literature, and music, and the development of a life philosophy which is based on the universal principles inherent in the depth, power, creativity, clarity, compassion  and wisdom inherent in human consciousness..


The emerging world-view seems clearly to deal with wholes--Whole organisms, whole human beings, a much more holistic view of everything with ecological systems and every part relating to everything else.

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