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Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Do you want freedom to decide what your real choices in life are?

Do you want the freedom and understanding to know what it means to be alive? Happy, creative, and fulfilled

Do you want to understand that your perceptions are being modified by the kinds of realities that you face in terms of the technology that you are up against?

Are you going to be steered by the kind of propaganda in advertising, whether it is the kind of films that you want to watch, or the kind of opinions that you need to have through what you read in the newspaper.

Indeed you have choice in being able to educate yourself so that you make the right choices rather than rely on information, put to you through the media.

You can access and develop the real nature of your life and the hidden qualities that are inherent in your very being, so that you achieve what you first thought was previously unachievable.

Do you want all your information, the private information about yourself, being trolled and used as data for the sake of others, for their self-aggrandizement -a wealth production from you for other people?

You need to have a say in the way your communities are run, and the way our government is run, and have more control in the way the society in which you live is run.

Do you realize that if you don't do this you're going to be more and more controlled by a minority of people and that these things are actually happening to virtually every aspect of our lives, and we need to take action and begin to put things back to right

Do we want controls placed on us by a more and more inquisitive, controlling and officious?

So called democratic government and work situation, the kind of entertainment, that we are meant to have within the context of media and film

If this is the case we will become a more and more a passive society where our perceptions are being manipulated by what we perceive, rather than what we want to create

If we allow ourselves to be constantly controlled and manipulated, we are not going to be able to understand who we really are.

We need to realize that the information we need is more than just electronic information and bits of information but is based on our perceptive, creative, functional, loving capacity, which comes from passion, feeling, and life giving instincts and vitality which enable us to enjoy life and fulfil ourselves in ways which are much more complete than to become information, data driven objects for those who wish to use us for their own gain.

We're in a very strange situation in our society, where we are NOT being given the information that is true and important for not only the survival of each of us, but for the survival of the community,

In every sense, we're allowing others to make decisions regarding our lives for us. We think that specialists and experts, government officials in the field of control of our planet can make the decisions for us, without realizing these decisions are very much distorted by the overarching need for those who hold the strings of society, to build up their own wealth at the expense of others,

The values in our society have been lost,

There are no values in science and values are the key to understanding who we are and what we are, we are more and more losing our basic freedoms

These freedoms can be brought down to human social justice and human rights, and an understanding of true values and ethics.

Why do we have to take into account and accept the need for war, the need for conflict, and the need for competition for scarce resources when, if we ARE real human beings we can understand that we can share things in a cooperative understanding way, and that we can live equitably, because of the fact that we actually can respect life rather than use life for our own aggrandizement, and wealth.

All these concepts need to be taken into account, and used so that we become true human beings, rather than being manipulated by a theory of philosophy, mainly now based on neoliberalism, capitalism, economic rationalism

There is enormous competition for scarce resources on this planet creating a global society in rapid change because of the encroachment on our true ethics conscience and consciousness by survival needs stimulated by climate change, loss of biological diversity, pollution, and artificial intelligence.

There has to be a new political raison d’être which allows all countries to work side by side in cooperation, rather than work in constant competition. This also applies to the way that big companies are now taking over the whole biological structure and electromagnetic information data of the whole planet,

This form of Neo fascism, which is based on control of data and information is creating a humanity who is losing its way into a dystopic transhumanism and the decline in the very nature of who we really are!

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